Alfred Nobel's invention of dynamite "provided man with an awesome power - the ability to dramatically change the face of the earth" ("Modern Marvels - Dynamite"). It changed the way people built tunnels, constructed canals, and completed any job that needed rocks cleared. During the 20th century, underground exploration became easier because of dynamite. Its contribution helped fuel progress during the Industrial Revolution. However, many countries began to see its military potential and thus initiated the race for more destructive explosives.

    Although his industrial empire was immense, Alfred Nobel is probably best known for the Nobel Prizes.  These awards recognize those who contribute "the greatest services to mankind" (Nobel).  They are considered the most esteemed awards anyone can achieve. "None can match the prestige and mystique of the Nobel Prize" (Rief 1280). Once someone wins a Nobel Prize, they are forever referred to as a Nobel Laureate. They changed the way people remember Alfred Nobel, although it has been over a hundred years since his death.