I chose the topic of Alfred Nobel because when I was in Norway this summer, I went to the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.  In an interactive exhibit,  I learned about Alfred Nobel.  The exhibit displayed a large book, with projections on the pages so it looked like an actual book. You could interact with the book by touching the  pictures and text. The exhibit provided information about the life of Nobel.  Another resourceful exhibit featured all the winners of the Nobel Peace Prize. This exhibit consisted of many stands in a dark room, each lit up and with a monitor on the top of it. About every minute, the screens would change, displaying a new Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and many interesting facts about them. The final exhibit was a documentary on Al Gore, who received the Peace Prize in 2007 for his work on spreading the emergency and consequences of global warming. It provided valuable insight into becoming a Nobel Prize Laureate, and what life is like after winning a Nobel Prize. When I was thinking of topics, I remembered Alfred Nobel.  With his actions of creating dynamite and his obvious legacy of the prizes, he fit the theme perfectly.

   I had both primary and secondary resources from many places, including the public library and the library at the University of California at Riverside.  Primary resources included e-mails to the Nobel Prize Foundation. I viewed many pictures of Nobel, dynamite, his will, and other information at Nobelprize.org. Also, Nobel kept and made copies of almost all of his correspondence throughout his life and I read translations of the many letters he wrote. I also found the original United State Patent for dynamite. Finally, I collected primary resources in the form of pictures, documents, maps and letters from the Museum of the Hellenic Nobel Collection in Athens, Greece.  Secondary resources include website, biographies and books about explosives and the Nobel Prizes.

   I decided to do a website because I had previous experience with websites;  however, I decided to use a new web development program, which I had to learn.  I had already done a website for National History Day, so I decided to do another.  In addition, my topic had numerous opportunities for pictures and documents, so a website seemed like the best way to present my information.  Also, websites are the most interactive of the categories. 

   Alfred Nobel and his invention of dynamite relates to the theme The Individual in History, Actions and Legacies because his actions as both a scientist and businessman led to his enduring legacy. Nobel was a man of great consequence because he was not just an inventor but an innovator as well. He was able to take his discoveries in the laboratory and make them into products that had value. It was these traits that led to Nobel's massive wealth. Alfred Nobel made the prizes to reshape his legacy, afraid of how history would remember him.